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GENH is a generic binary header with fixed values, to make unsupported files playable. This binary header is appended to the beginning of a file and file is renamed to .genh, so vgmstream will read the GENH header and play the file with the new info.

GENH as been mostly superseded by TXTH, as it can do anything that GENH does and more, plus it's cleaner (no need to modify the original data) and much simpler to create, so TXTH is the recommended way to make vgmstream play unsupported files. There is no program to help creating TXTH headers at the moment, but they are just text files with a few lines that should be easy to make by hand (this is explained in

If you still want to create files with GENH headers, the easiest way is to use VGMToolBox's GENH creator, that provides a simple Windows interface.

For programmers looking for a formal definition the place to check would be vgmstream's parser, located in genh.c (particularly parse_genh), as new features or fixes may be added anytime.